Malouf Sleep: The Best in Adjustable Bed Bases

Adjustable beds are becoming more common in households across the nation. The convenience of being able to raise or lower your bed is undeniably something most would appreciate. There are many instances where this would be helpful—you could sleep with your head elevated to help alleviate heart burn or reduce snoring. Adjustable beds also give you a comfortable way to use your bed for more than just sleeping—now you can sit up to read a book, watch TV, or eat in bed all with the touch of a button.

Malouf Sleep offers just about anything you would want in an adjustable bed

Malouf Sleep is one of the top brands today in adjustable bed bases. Their bed bases best the competition by being “strong, quiet and reliable.” Malouf Sleep assures their bed bases are “built to perform better and last longer” with “stronger steel and reinforced wheels and glides.” We offer Malouf Sleep adjustable bed bases because of their great quality and performance. From your basic bed base all the way to the latest technology available (including built-in Bluetooth and a massage feature), Malouf Sleep offers just about anything you would want in an adjustable bed.  Here is a quick look at their selection:

  • NI50: A great introduction to the world of adjustable bases. This is the most basic Malouf offers, so it has the lowest price tag while still giving you those features you are looking for.
  • E450: The next step up with some preset positions and 2 dual USB ports in the frame.
  • E300: This model includes added features like a programmable memory position, wireless remote with flashlight, and independent head and foot incline.
  • M550: Built-in Bluetooth and 36 dual-zone massage options are just two of the awesome features included in this adjustable bed base.
  • S750: As the top of the line offering, the S750 includes everything the M550 does but also has additional features such as “Reach Assist” (this will pull the bed toward the wall as you incline so that you can reach your nightstand easily) and adjustable head tilt and lumbar support.

For a more in-depth look at these adjustable bed bases, visit the Malouf Sleep website or give us a call today.