Getting the Most from a Mattress Sale

At Mattress By Appointment Asheville, we understand that shopping for a mattress can be a daunting task. There are hundreds of different mattresses to choose from, and most options are still likely to be a significant investment. These factors understandably put you under a lot of pressure and instill uncertainty about whether you’re getting the best deal. This anxiety can persist even when shopping at a mattress sale, or even get worse thanks to the extra variables it throws into the equation. Here are two principles to keep in mind to get the most from a mattress sale:

1. Test out the merchandise. The most important thing when choosing a mattress–whether at a sale or not–is to make sure it is comfortable to you. No matter how affordable, a mattress you can’t sleep on is worthless, and the loss can even contribute to negative health consequences. In the store, make sure you spend at least a few minutes lying on the mattress the same way you would sleep on your bed at home to make sure you like it.

Mattress Sale

2. Remember that mattresses are a long-term investment. Your mattress needs to last you a long time, so it’s important to make sure that it’s made to hold up. Ask if the mattress you’re looking at has edge support since the edges are the first place a mattress will break down. If you’re going with a spring model, ask about what gauge of steel they’re made of, as well as what coil type. Both of these factors will impact how long your mattress will last.

At any of our mattress sales at Mattress By Appointment Asheville, you can consult with our team members about any further questions you may have, including questions about pricing and payment plans. We’ll help you get the best mattress for the best price.