Does a Twin-Size Mattress Need a Box Spring?

There are many parts to a bed that make it comfortable and keep you supported throughout the night while you sleep. One of the most overlooked of these parts happens to be the box spring. With a box spring, your mattress can be fully supported, prevent sagging of your mattress, and extend the life of your bed. However, when you are looking at a small mattress like a twin-size mattress, you might be wondering, “Does a twin-size mattress need a box spring?” Let’s find out!

when you are looking at a small mattress like a twin-size mattress

While most larger mattresses can benefit from the strength and flexibility that a box spring provides, much of the support actually depends upon the type of bed frame that you have. If you are using a simple metal frame for your mattress, that will not give your twin-size mattress the support that is needed for comfortable sleeping or mattress longevity. What you need for your twin-size mattress in order to skip the box spring is a network of slats, a sturdy and supportive board (sometimes called a Bunkie board), or some kind of platform bed. Without these stipulations, you cannot get away with skipping out on the box spring for your twin-size mattress.

These same rules apply to mattresses of larger sizes besides the twin-size mattress. However, you should carefully read the instructions that come with your bed frame to determine if the slats or mesh were made to be a primary or secondary supporter for your mattress. If you would like to know more about twin-size or any other size mattresses, come and talk with us here at Mattress By Appointment Asheville.