4 Signs Your Child Is Ready for a Twin-Size Mattress

It was easy to know when to transition your little one from the bassinet to the crib and then again from the crib to a toddler bed. But how do you know when your child is ready to move from a toddler bed to a twin-size mattress? Here are four signs that your child might be ready for the move to a big kid bed:

1.   Your child can climb onto furniture that will be the height of the new bed without difficulty. Can they get onto your own bed with ease? Are they able to climb up to the couch or other furniture without help? Most beds that fit a twin-sized mattress are taller than toddler beds, so this is an important factor to consider. Your child should be able to enter and exit the new bed without assistance.

twin-size mattress will provide a safer foundation

2.   The toddler bed is looking a little small for your kiddo. The age of your child does not dictate their size and some toddlers are the same size as some Kindergarteners. If you want to give your child more space in the bed at night, make the switch to a twin-size mattress.

3.   You have a very active child. Some kids are just more rambunctious and energetic than others and may unintentionally cause damage to those smaller toddler beds. A stronger, larger bed with a twin-size mattress will provide a safer foundation that can withstand any combination of acrobatics from that cute little body.

4.   Your child can sleep without falling off the bed. This is a skill usually learned on the toddler bed, where the inevitable falls happen much closer to the ground. Usually the body learns after a few times how to sleep while staying within the boundaries of the bed. One plus is that the twin-size mattress will give more space to sleep in for your little one! Keep in mind that this is not a hard and fast rule. If you have the ability to push the bed against the wall on one side, you could use a safety bed rail on the other side to keep your child safe in the higher twin bed.