Wellsville Mattresses, Asheville, NC

Ask us about a cool-sleep memory foam mattress we’re sure you’ll love!

Wellsville Mattresses in Asheville, NC

There are a few reasons why Wellsville mattresses have become so popular. For one thing, they provide a more comfortable and cooler sleep than many memory foam mattresses on the market. They have also developed a quality product at half the price of the others. It makes sense that here at Mattress By Appointment Asheville, we’d embrace this product and offer it for our customers. It fits well with our philosophy of offering affordable products, so you can sleep in comfort for less money.

Each Wellsville mattress is crafted in three parts. The surface is a luxurious 500g double jacquard cover that has a cushioning air layer you’ll love for its softness. Under this is a thick layer of gel-infused memory foam that was developed to dissipate heat for an ideal sleeping temperature. This foam is certified for performance and safety. Next comes the support layer of memory foam, which is both press-relieving and high-density to create a restful sleep while providing the support you need. Wellsville mattresses are backed by a 10-year warranty. There are different sizes and depths to choose from.

When you combine their cost-saving measures with ours, you end up with an affordable sleeping experience you’ll love. Our business model is the perfect way to shop while saving 50-80% off retail store prices. Save money and get personalized attention by calling us to schedule an appointment to learn more about Wellsville mattresses and our other name-brand mattresses. With a selection that is one of the largest in the country, we are confident you’ll find the one that is right for your Asheville, North Carolina home.